We’re an unusual company because we don’t actually have a “Theatre” of our own. Instead, we like to keep things fresh, moving from venue to venue depending on the nature of our shows, and often using spaces that were never intended for theatre at all! If you go to our Chronology you can see the range of locations we have used.

The Committee do have a regular base, however, and meet monthly (or at least bi-monthly) at:

Jurnet’s Bar
Wensum Lodge
King Street
NR 1 1QW

You can find out the dates of meetings via our mailing list. See our Get Involved page to find out how to sign up.

Jurnet’s Bar is situated in a Grade I listed building that dates back to the middle ages. The vaulted undercroft in which the Bar is housed functioned for generations as a merchants’ stronghouse.  Jurnet’s takes its name from Isaac of Jurnet, a Jewish patriarch who is the most well-known of these successful, yet oft-persecuted business men on the back of  whom the City of Norwich’s medieval wealth was built.  The venue has a small, cabaret-style performance space and is host every Friday to the highly popular Music House, an acoustic session featuring the finest talent from Norwich and the Eastern Counties.

We use a number of spaces around Norwich to rehearse. Some of our favourites recently have been:

The Hog in Armour, Charing Cross, Norwich Tel: 01603 66035
The Unthank Arms, Newmarket St, Norwich Tel: 01603 631 557
Take 5, Tombland, Norwich 01603 614210
Heather Millan School of Dance, Cowgate, Norwich 01603 763 860

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