Get involved


To become a member of Crude Apache Theatre Company, you don’t have to part with your cash    – but you might need to put a teeny bit of effort in!

Generally the first step people take is to sign up to our mailing list, to receive  notifications of auditions, meetings, events and other “want to know” stuff, straight to their inbox.  To get  this service, please send a quick message to our secretary at

You could also sign up to receive automatic email notifications of updates to this website. There’s a button at the bottom of the page that lets you do this.

If you’re on Facebook, why not join our group and start networking with other members? You can also find us on Twitter. We’re @CrudeApache.

And, when you’re ready to meet us in person, then come along to an audition. Audition dates are announced on the blog in the “Home” section of this website, so keep coming back to check!

New people can contact us / meet with us / audition / help out at any time however to become a fully fledged “member” with the right to pitch ideas for shows and to stand for the Committee at Annual General Meetings each November, then you need to have actually participated in / helped  with at least one production (either on or off-stage – no job too small!), and be human (there was once an incident that involved a dog).

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