1.Crude Apache exists with the aim of producing accessible and entertaining theatre and related art forms.

2. Anyone who has been involved in a Crude Apache production is considered to be a member. This membership can only be revoked at AGM or EGM.

3.A member is eligible to put forward a proposal for a production, to stand for election to the committee and to vote at any general meeting.

4. There will be an annually elected committee of five.

5.The committee will take responsibility for the general running of the company, decisions on proposals for future productions and any other matters arising.

6.The committee will be quorate with three. All committee meetings are open for members to attend.

7.When approving a production, the committee may put down in writing any constraints upon that productions they see fit (eg: amount of budget, limitations on how money may be used, spent or raised, type of venue etc).

8.Once a production has been approved, the producer will be allowed a freehand regarding every aspect of the production (allowing for any constraints placed upon them by item 7 above).

9. An EGM may be called by any member, providing it is organised by that member and seconded. An EGM will be quorate with 11 and is empowered to overturn decisions taken by the committee.

10.A simple majority is required to pass resolutions at committee, AGM or EGM.

11.The Crude Apache constitution may only be amended at AGM or EGM.

12.Crude Apache may only be dissolved at AGM or EGM.


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