Crude Apache  began in 1993 when a group of friends performed William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream  as a birthday treat for Bruce Lacey, a Norfolk eccentric who has appeared in Beatles films and worked with Spike Milligan.  Within that play, Shakespeare refers to Bottom and his associates, who put on the “play within a play”,  as “a crew of patches”.  The group played around with those words and somehow, the name Crude Apache stuck.

The group grew swiftly into a community-based, non-professional theatre company, run by a committee of annually elected volunteers and committed to making low-cost, accessible (in terms of both cost and content) and “half decent” theatre, as laid down in the hallowed Crude Apache Constitution.

Friendship, passion for theatre and a love for Norwich and the surrounding area are the three things that bind Crude Apaches together. There is no fee for joining the Company, and we welcome new writers, directors, performers, costumers, artists, designers, hard-grafters, visionaries etc. with open arms.

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