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Richard 3.
Having recently moved to Norwich I thought I’d take in some of the sights of the local theatre scene, so off I jaunted with some friends to see Crude Apache’s Richard 3. Upon finding the venue, I was relived that I was not greeted by any swearing native Indians, also being reassured that I hadn’t missed the first two instalments of a trilogy.
The set was simple enough, cardboard boxes strewn about to represent a homeless Kingdom, where Richard held sway by foul means. All the actors were suitably scruffy and awfully upset in places, carrying off their respective parts with aplomb. I particularly enjoyed Russell J Turner as the titular schemer, who no doubt will suffer for his art, placing all his weight onto his poor crutch holding arm. He was very nasty as Richie, but didn’t give me the hump with his portrayal, no, it wasn’t by any means a ‘limp’ performance!! (I was advised to throw in some jokes).
The use of torches was very effective, reminding me of police, searching the alleyways of some dystopia townscape, looking for Big Harvey, the presidents assassin. But that’s something I’m working on.
You certainly get your money’s worth too, it’s a long performance, I advise a cushion. But you’ll enjoy the wonderful language, inventive torchplay and seamless set changes, an interpretation that will certainly get you talking.
Edmund de Cuffe.


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